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Two colourful sister communities getting together


Dear FMA contributor,

Welcome and please take a bit of time to read about how Tribe of Noise might empower you and your music.


Your Tribe

Tribe of Noise leads a global Creative Commons music community of tens of thousands of independent musicians. Our mission: Support individual music makers with respect and manage the combined Tribe talent to deliver top notch music services to businesses.

The community

We really hope you will sign up with Tribe of Noise, upload some amazing music and participate in our fair business models for independent artists but: feel free to sign up and connect with other Tribe musicians too. We can think of many reasons why you will benefit from the Tribe community, like:

  • touring abroad and sharing (local) knowledge with international Tribe members

  • finding producers, composers, lyricists and performing artists online to help you

  • start a project with a fellow Tribe member and record something amazing together

My music on FMA?

All the music you have uploaded to FMA and made available till September 14, 2019 has been transferred to us. Our first step after September 18 is to launch these music pages back online at

You won’t be able to login, add, edit or delete music for now. In the upcoming weeks we will run tests and investigate the website performance. Based on the outcome we will make a decision to improve the “old” FMA website or invest in building something new.