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Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interviews

Tribe of Noise, a global music community helping 30,000 musicians around the world, is shining its spotlight on some amazing Tribe talents. Each Spotlight Interview is a proper full length interview with high resolution images, a permanent URL to share and online references to even more information. Feel free to share.



Based in Berkeley, California, Mullerette crafts soulful, atmospheric grooves that fearlessly follow the interplay of a Wurlitzer 200’s vintage keyboard and a haunting female vocal. The band’s velvety sonic texture – with hints of folk, jazz and pop – stems from a long-standing collaboration between award-winning singer-songwriter Lupe Muller and keyboardist/producer Joey Muller. 

At once laid back and passionate, the band’s nocturnal, smoky-bar melodies draw influence from Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star, Zero 7 and Portishead. Mullerette’s mature lyrics give shape to poems, reflections and anthemic solos that paint honest pictures of adult yearning, love affairs, parenting and the duality of inhabiting the daily and the extraordinary.

But what is Mullerette’s creative process, what inspires them the most and what is their dream venue?


David Tribble

David is a very authentic, honest, and organically soulful Indie Americana artist from Texas, singing since his teenage years in church choirs and now playing music full time finding himself more in tune with his soulful voice and way of doing things when performing, producing and writing songs.

With both Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas roots, his strong faith and church upbringing, mixed with music influences like the Goo Goo Dolls, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Amos Lee, Ray Lamontagne and Citizen Cope, he brings his own originality and style, telling his own stories and experiences with music that is eager to be heard.

But when did David start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Deli Rowe

Deli Rowe is a Recording and Performing Artist independently established under her own imprint, Liberated Soul Music Group. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Deli began her solo career with the start of her first mainstream single, “Losing Ground” in 2014. Since then, she has released 2 extended play projects, The Art of Possibility and Smile Again, along with various singles, all of which have been performed, sold, distributed and licensing internationally.

Deli Rowe is consistently making an impact with her original, catchy and inspiring music. When she’s not performing live or feeding her fans new music via social media, she is working hard in the studio, collaborating with producers and songwriters all over the world. You may even hear her original songs in some of your favorite retail stores, TV shows, or films across the world.


Static in Verona

On Static in Verona’s website you will find:

Static in Verona is the work of Chicago musician Rob Merz, who creates dreamy power pop weaved in an eclectic mixture of experimental, electronic and indie rock. The songs are a towering mass of sound, built around catchy hooks, epic choruses and unique arrangements

But when did Static in Verona start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Ed Navarro

Everything Eduardo does is related to music. Everything.

From working full-time in the music industry with musical instrument brands, to producing music for other artists in his home studio, to playing guitar live in well-known bands, everything he does revolves around music.

After a while, Ed decided to take on the journey of writing and recording his own music, under his own name. "Better Days" was the result of trying to decide what kind of music he really loves to play and what kind of message he wanted to send.

But how did Ed adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


Eddie Gray

Eddie Grey is a multi-faceted composer, arranger, songwriter, and sound designer whose successful track record speaks for itself. The Los Angeles-based musician began playing with synthesizers and writing on computer programs at an early age, eventually beginning a musical education that would take him into the world of composing and songwriting.

But how did Eddie adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


King Lizzard

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, in the sixties. Became very infused with Motown. Was in Detroit during the 1967 riots.

Born to country music songwriter and performer, Johnny Colmus. Johnny Colmus had is own television show in Michigan, wrote songs for Loretta Lynn and played for Patsy Cline.

He was raised by his grandparents and spent most of childhood in a wheelchair after a car accident.

But when did King Lizzard start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Lawrence Trailer

Lawrence Trailer is a singer/songwriter currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Lawrence's genuine personality and energetic performance forges a connection with audiences all over the world and paves the way for his unique brand of Americana music.

But when did Lawrence start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Rory Sullivan

Rory is an award winning singer-songwriter with soulful undertones of folk, pop, and Americana. Los Angeles based with east coast, New Orleans, and Chicago roots, he has played over 600 clubs, colleges, and festivals. He has shared the stage with Stephane Wrembel, Ernie Halter, Jamie Kent, Todd Carey, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Mutlu, and Curtis Peoples. His song "From the Bottom" was featured on an album with John Oates, Neko Case, Cyndi Lauper, and Emmylou Harris.

In addition to winning numerous awards through Indaba Music and CD Baby, and taking home the grand prize in the Sarah Evans songwriting competition, he was also picked as songwriter of the week by American Songwriter Magazine. Additionally, his song "Better Now" was featured in the award winning documentary Finding Seoul. Rory has a strong presence on satellite, internet, and college radio, as well as NPR.

But when did Rory start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Jim Gaven

Armed with the goal of helping others, Jim Gaven's mission is to write songs that make you think of a good time in your life, make you feel good about yourself, and most of all, put a smile on your face.

The upbeat singer/songwriter from Hamilton, NJ wants to make a positive difference in the world and truly believes that music has the ability to do that. Quoted as saying, 'I want to inspire you to do great things as I have been inspired. The fact that you can create something out of nothing and have it last forever is amazing to me.' This is a true testament to the everlasting impact we can all have on each other, and Jim hopes to bring that kind of attitude to the forefront through song

But how did Jim adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


Michelle Chandler

Michelle Chandler shares an openness and honesty in her life, wisdom, and a refreshing point of view on everything musical. The content of her music stretches over the deepest of emotions to the most captivating sounds imaginable. She has a down to earth personality, and lives a creative life that is visible in everything she does; knowing what she wants in her music, Michelle works tirelessly with a freedom of expression that is rare to find.  She has been honing her craft as a musician for many years developing a well-earned reputation for writing authentically.

Influenced by songwriters like Van Morrison, Janis Ian, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, Michelle began playing professionally at fifteen in small cafés and restaurants and attended many of the folk and music festivals around Australia and was very quickly recognised as a talented artist.

But what is Michelle’s creative process, what inspires her the most and what is her dream venue?


Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell’s onstage experiences have taken him to coast to coast countless times and found him sharing stages with John Mayer, members of Counting Crows, The Grateful Dead, and opening for Train. After being crowned winner of Guitar Center's National Singer Songwriter Competition out of over 13,000 entrants, his 2013 EP Release, “In Spite of Everything”, produced by 6x Grammy Winner John Shanks, premiered at #1 on the iTunes rock EPs and singles charts, following a performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. His 2015 followup “The Kitchen Sink” followed and the release, along with almost 2 years of touring, were received with positive reviews.

Watch him strap an acoustic guitar on his back, board a public bus with 75 strangers, and traipse his way across the country. Here’s a singer-songwriter who loves nothing more than the sound of his voice reverberating off a music venue’s back walls. Yes, this is Jeff Campbell’s life, and as he’ll readily tell you, it isn’t so much a choice as it’s his calling. “This is just who I am” says the vocalist, impassioned songwriter and lifelong musician who with The Kitchen Sink, has at long last concocted the album that represents him at his core and is willing to do whatever it takes to feel the rush of human connection.

But what is Jeff’s creative process, what inspires him the most and what is his dream venue?


Dasilvian Bruce

Dasilvian Bruce was born and raised in the west side area of Amsterdam and is the youngest of 4 children. Music has always been a passion where Dasilvian grew up. There wouldn't have been a day gone by without hearing songs from the oldest blues and soul artists to the newest disco, R&B and hip hop artists.

Dasilvian Bruce's music style is very diverse. He likes being able to push boundaries. The styles that move Dasilvian the most are soul r&b/hip hop, jazz and funk. In his music these will often come forth, with sometimes a surprising element added when the styles come together.


Eric Harper


I remember I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when some song came on the radio. Don’t ask me which tune it was because I don’t remember. But what I DO remember was the feeling that song gave me. I immediately stopped what I was doing, quickly ran into the living room and just stared at the stereo. My sister called me back to finish the dishes, but I couldn’t move. I was transfixed, mesmerised. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the stereo. I was so moved by emotion that all I remember thinking was “I want to make people feel like that!” 

And so my story begins… 

But when did Eric start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Harbottle & Jonas

Harbottle & Jonas are a stunning young folk duo based in Totnes, Devon. Their music is eclectic and always accompanied with a great story. Together the husband and wife duo combine the rich traditions of folk music with original and contemporary interpretations through a blend of closely intertwined vocal harmonies and compelling and authentic musical arrangements, blending concertina, harmonium, banjo, stomp box, acoustic guitar and dobra. They have developed a unique and original signature sound, that is unmistakably Harbottle and Jonas. They can sometimes be found playing alongside their full band of 8 members in total (cello, fiddle, mandolin, trumpet, drums, bass).

But what is their creative process, what inspires them the most and what is their dream venue?


Nathan Brumley

Most people travel to the valleys of heartache or endure the eye of life’s tempest before they can emerge with songs that grip the human experience; but Nathan Brumley went hiking. Following high school, he spent his formative years as a contractor building recreational trails to high mountain lakes and fishing parks in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.

Shorlty after finishing his last season of trailbuilding, he won Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest in 2000 which subsequently led to his move from Boise, ID to the music mecca of the south Nashville, TN. He’s previously had 2 publishing deals with Embassy Music and Brandon Hills Publishing and has completed his 5th full length album. He is currently the second place winner in the USA Songwriting Competition and was voted best 14 acts of the Southeast by Discmakers 2007. His music is clearly remindful of piano banging crooners like David Gray, Ben Folds Five, and Gavin Degraw.

But how did Nathan adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


Radha Thomas

Radha Thomas was born in Tamil Nadu, grew up in Mumbai and Delhi and then left for the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. When she discovered that music wasn’t good for keeping body and soul together, she held a variety of day-jobs while singing in clubs at night, sharing the stage with many of New York’s renowned jazz artists. She has been a tour guide in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, organised trade shows and exhibitions in China, owned and run a boutique on Long Island, and worked for an art publisher in New York.

But how did Radha adapt to the industry, what has been her biggest surprise along the way and what advice would she give her past self?


Sam Gallagher

Hi I'm Sam Gallagher. I'm a Glasgow-based musician/producer and I just love creating music. I've written and recorded a lot of songs over the years and just want people to enjoy listening to the songs I write.

But how did Sam adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?



RUNAGROUND (born Andrew Kirk, in High Point, NC) is an American electropop, artist, producer, and singer-songwriter.

RUNAGROUND became popular on YouTube in 2012 with his self-produced music video covers of chart topping songs such as "Wake Me Up" – Avicii, "La La La" – Sam Smith / Naughty Boy, and many others, which generated over 40 million views. RUNAGROUND has accumulated a combined subscriber fan base of over 800 thousand dedicated listeners across YouTube and Google Plus alone, which have resulted in more than 100 million combined plays online, and over 100 thousand units sold independently.

But how did RUNAGROUND adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


Morrisa Jeanine

Morrisa Jeanine is an all arounder in entertainment whose music career publicly kicked off as a youtube sensation back in 2006. Coming from many girl groups the BMI singer-songwriter has made her wave as an individual in the music industry both by writing for upcoming acts as well as vocal producing and referencing the music. In 2012, with the release of her first solo project; Morrisa Jeanine made a change by coming from behind the scenes songwriting to becoming one of many spotlighted artists. Based out of Atlanta (GA) Morrisa Jeanine has been featured in many concert series and independent showcases.

But when did Morrisa start, what has been her biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is she working on right now?


Victor Spiegel

Recording artist, teacher, composer, director, actor and voice over professional. His study of world music cultures gives his music an added edge and depth. Spiegel's singular piano sound is a fusion of lush harmonies and rhythms of jazz, classical and musical influences from India, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He continues to score for film, television, theatre, dance and other media.

But when did Victor start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


Joshua Messick

Asheville, North Carolina-based Joshua Messick breathes new life into an ancient, enchanting instrument. Be transported as he weaves cinematic stylings and endless imagination with virtuosic performances. A beautiful and captivating listening experience, Joshua’s musical artistry is influenced by Celtic, World, Renaissance, Folk, and Classical music. He has released six studio albums and was the featured instrumentalist on the Japanese animated film Mary and the Witch’s Flower.

But when did Joshua start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?