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Eric Harper


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with an award-winning musician.


On Eric’s profile you will find:


I remember I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when some song came on the radio. Don’t ask me which tune it was because I don’t remember. But what I DO remember was the feeling that song gave me. I immediately stopped what I was doing, quickly ran into the living room and just stared at the stereo. My sister called me back to finish the dishes, but I couldn’t move. I was transfixed, mesmerised. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the stereo. I was so moved by emotion that all I remember thinking was “I want to make people feel like that!” 

And so my story begins… 

But when did Eric start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


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What got you started?

I got started in music at the age of 8 years old. I heard a song on the radio and I was so mesmerised by what I heard that I knew right there and then that I wanted to make people feel like that. Since then I began my journey down the musical path. 


What has changed since you started out?

Not much has changed in the since of my original goal of wanting to move people's hearts through music. What has changed is my business sense and being very aware of what kind of music I need to make to make a living and the kind of music I write for myself. The two don't always go hand in hand, unfortunately.


What has been the biggest surprise/lesson along the way?

The biggest surprise for me was how interconnected everything is. I just found out, for example, that one of my favourite producers has not only heard of me but is also a fan. I was shocked as I never thought someone of her calibre would know who I am. In addition to that, I am continually surprised by how connected everything is in music. I meet a pop singer from China in 2004 and suddenly thanks to that connection I'm now a full-time film composer working for a team based out of LA. 


What would you do if you were not doing this/making music?

If I wasn't doing music, I'd probably be doing something else creative. Perhaps acting or writing. I enjoy doing voices and accents as well as telling stories. Perhaps there would be a career somewhere in there. 


Have you received any awards throughout your career?

“Winner of the New York Film Awards for Best Score 2018.”

“Winner of the European Independent Film Award for Best Score for 'Wished' 2018.”

“Winner of the Guitar Mania Contest from Tribe of Noise 2014.”

“Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 4-yr degree in only 2 years from Berklee College of Music in 2001.”

“Finalist in the Morton Gould Competition of 2000.”

“Winner of the Yamaha Young Performing Artists Award of 2000.”

“Honorable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition of 2002.”


Do you have any advice for other musicians?

My advice for other musicians would be "don't give up." No matter how hard things might seem it will eventually pass. If you give up at the precipice of difficulty, then you're about to miss out on a huge breakthrough. I've been blessed enough to have music placed on over 600 TV shows and had I given up when things were difficult, when I was broke and had no idea how to pay my credit card bill, I never would be where I am today. 


What are you working on right now?

I just wrapped up my 4th movie this year, am finishing a song for Facebook and about to wrap up 60 more songs I composed this year for a company in New York. 


Listen to some of Eric’s “very best of” songs


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