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Dasilvian Bruce


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with a local treasure.


On Dasilvian’s website you will find:

It all began at the age of thirteen during a music class in high school. The assignment was to sing a song of choice. To Dasilvian this was very difficult. Being brought up in a household where you would hear soul/blues, r&b/hip hop, pop and jazz there was a lot to choose from. Eventually he went with ‘All out of love’ by r&b boyband Jagged Edge (covered by Air Supply). After he sang this song he got a lot of positive reactions. Dasilvian got the advice to do more with his singing and thats where his musical journey began.

Dasilvian tried his luck at several national talent shows. After gaining a lot of experience he continued further with his musical quest. Even though Dasilvian was busy with school and work obligations he never gave up on his love for music. At the age of eighteen Dasilvian began to write his own songs without the knowledge of notes and chords. After writing several numbers he decided to work on an entire album. Dasilvian felt the need to make beautiful music and bringing it out one day.

But what is Dasilvian’s creative process, what inspires him the most and what is his dream venue?


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… and watch one of Dasilvian’s performances at the bottom


What is your creative process/how do you write your material?

First, I need to produce or receive music. Then I will play the track like 5 times and start vibing on it and try to feel what the track is telling me. That’s where I get into my zone and start vibing and writing. Now that I think of it... this happens a lot while I am in the train, tram or bus going to somewhere. Very strange but then again that's the beauty of creating!


What inspires you the most?

Life inspires me the most. Why do we do, what we do, how and where to do it? What is wrong and what is right? Why do we treat each other the way we do and why do we obey to rules that were made by people who will never know us? These questions really help me in my creative process to share funny or meaningful stories.


Photograph by Laura van Till


Photograph by Laura van Till


What makes you stand out musically?

I think my groove. Because I spend time to really find momentum in a song, I tend to fill pockets that makes you get into the groove. Even if it's a serious, sad, funny or funky sound. Leave the pockets to me!


What’s the last album or song that changed you?

The last two albums that changed me were Musiq Soulchild - Feel the Real and Ryan Leslie - Black Mozart


How was your experience competing in Amsterdamse Popprijs 2018?

Participating in the Amsterdamse Popprijs 2018 was an amazing experience. The objective was to play a set of 20 minutes per round. I chose to participate with an awesome band I work with named Minds of Music. We were allowed to play only one cover per set so the main music we played was original music I wrote.

There were five preliminary rounds. We played in the last round at The Sugar Factory across from Melkweg. I always try to pay attention to details so we timed our set, I came up with a dress code and I added new show elements to our set to have a great stage presence. This round went so well that we won the last preliminary round and when straight through to the semifinals at Paradiso. We received amazing feedback from the judges saying that we would be a great band as an opener for Anthony Hamilton. Such a big compliment! 

For the semifinals at Paradiso we decided to do the same set but with more stage presence and joy because seeing our genuine joy on stage has a contagious effect on the crowd.

Our performance at Paradiso went even better than at The Sugar Factory but the judges did not seem to find us worthy of a spot at the finals because of our energy, show and sound. They felt that there was too much going on on stage and that our cover of Kendrick Lamar’s song 'I' was too much. 

This was a big disappointment because our show and energy are what makes us stand out in comparison to the other acts. We believe in giving people a show and experience worth their time and money, to remember and share with their friends and families. This is part of my DNA which I cannot tamper with.

However, this experience gave me a lot of new knowledge, energy and inspiration to move forward and never to stop giving all of you great shows with our mix of R&B/Soul and funk.

In 2019 you will hear new music and hopefully get the chance to see us live giving it all we’ve got! A show to never forget!



What’s the coolest gig you’ve ever played?

Pepperminds beach festival 2018. These people had the most energy I ever saw. I think I got like 10 high fives in just two songs hahahaha LOL.


What’s your dream venue?

My dream venue is the Apollo. All the great artists from music to comedy have played there. Someday soon it will be me!


Photograph by Laura van Till


Watch one of Dasilvian’s performances


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