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Lawrence Trailer


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with a smooth songbird.


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Lawrence Trailer is a singer/songwriter currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Lawrence's genuine personality and energetic performances have forged a connection with audiences all over the world and paved the way for his unique brand of Americana music. 

But when did Lawrence start, what has been his biggest surprise/lesson along the way and what is he working on right now?


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What got you started?

At a young age my mother signed me up for acting school on the weekends, and when I was a kid I loved doing musical theatre. I remember distinctly walking outside the studio one day and seeing a circle of older kids playing guitar and singing. I don’t know what it was in particular that captivated me, but I was hooked! I began begging my parents for a guitar, and, for some reason, started telling people that I was really good at it. One day, at a camp I was going too, my counselor brought a guitar in, and, long story short, I looked like a fool, because I had obviously never touched a guitar! Not sure what provoked me to boast that lie, but I learned my lesson, and have never looked back. 


What has changed since you started out?

Knowing how I got started, I guess it’s safe to say I didn’t enter music for the “right” reasons. I wanted recognition, fame, and all the stuff that I now realize don’t matter. Music has ultimately become a vessel of connection; a means to project an idea or feeling that can then, in turn, be shared with others. In retrospect, I wish I had that sentiment from the beginning, but it took a lot of living, loss, and heartbreak to figure out that life is about the cumulative experience of all of us. With music we can enhance that experience and connection, and no matter how I got started, I’m eternally grateful to have the ability to create and share music. 


What has been the biggest surprise/lesson along the way?

My father always talked to me about music, but it wasn’t always easy to understand what he was trying to say. He always wanted to write that “hit” and “get on the beat”. It wasn’t until he passed away last year that it all started to make sense. I learned that there was a lot to gain from other people’s opinions, especially my dad, and that having a “vision” doesn’t mean you have to block everything else out. I wish I had listened to him more while he was here, and now all I can do is finally take the advice and learn from it.  


What would you do if you were not doing this/making music?

Recently, I’ve undergone training to become an actor, which is something I thought I let go of long ago. After losing someone you love though, life begins to take on new meaning, and I realised that I was actually afraid of it. As a kid, I found a way to not have to play with others, and I created a bubble around myself with music. Now I’m facing that fear and ultimately am “doubling down” as an entertainer.


Do you have advice for other musicians?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in what you’ve got going on. It’s easy to forget that this human experience is shared with countless other. My advice is to pop that proverbial bubble, if you have one, and as scary as it may feel, let the world in. You are not alone, and only from others will you truly be fulfilled as an artist and a human being. 


What are you working on right now?

I’ve got three different concept albums in the works, one of which is already recorded and should be released soon. I also just started a residency at one of my favourite NYC venues, Rockwood Music Hall, and will be performing a lot in 2019. Lastly, I’m in an extensive two-year Meisner program to become an actor and am studying my buns off to learn a new craft. Living, learning, and loving every step of the way!


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