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Deli Rowe


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with an independent recording & performing artist.


On Deli’s website you will find:

Deli Rowe is a Recording and Performing Artist independently established under her own imprint, Liberated Soul Music Group. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Deli began her solo career with the start of her first mainstream single, “Losing Ground” in 2014. Since then, she has released 2 extended play projects, The Art of Possibility and Smile Again, along with various singles, all of which have been performed, sold, distributed and licensing internationally.

Deli Rowe is consistently making an impact with her original, catchy and inspiring music. When she’s not performing live or feeding her fans new music via social media, she is working hard in the studio, collaborating with producers and songwriters all over the world. You may even hear her original songs in some of your favourite retail stores, TV shows, or films across the world

But what is Deli’s creative process, what inspires her the most and what is her dream venue?


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What is your creative process/how do you write your material?

It honestly depends and changes as I go; Sometimes I may get a lyric idea and I'll write it down in my phone, or record it on a voice memo then come back to it within a few days, weeks, or months. Other times, if I'm creating a beat, I can come up with something right on the spot. I almost always start with the melody if I'm creating from a beat. I may even try to match the lyrics I wrote previously to the beat I just created.


What inspires you the most?

I think I'm inspired by my life experience and emotion; emotion is a big one because throughout my travels of the world, I've learned that people across all cultures are pretty much the same - they just go through it differently depending on their culture. So being able to universally express my emotion is what really inspires me musically.


What makes you stand out musically?

I think the fact that I'm sincere with my music and the fact that I produce, write, and record all my original material.


What’s the last album or song that changed you?

"Superman" by Eric Roberson and Glenn Lewis


What’s the coolest gig you’ve ever played?

I'd have to say my current gig is the coolest so far; I'm currently a guest entertainer for a cruise line for 4 months...having an amazing time seeing the world and doing what I love, while still making time to create material of my own.


What did Tribe of Noise contribute to your life as a musician?

TON allowed me to reach new listeners of my music in places that I physically hadn’t been able to visit before. It also have me my first taste into music licensing. They are one of the few platforms that actually pays musicians for their work being played in retail stores all over the world.

How would you pitch Tribe of Noise to fellow musicians?

I would pitch TON to my fellow musicians as a place where you have the ability to share your music with music lovers beyond your home; TON is a platform that cares about indie musicians and provides limitless opportunities for your music to be heard.


What’s your dream venue?

I'd have to say O2 in London


What's it like being a guest entertainer on a cruise?

It's definitely a great experience to have. For me, I've enjoyed being able to perform and travel to different places that I never knew I'd visit. It has stretched me vocally for sure because I'm consistently using my instrument. It can be tiring and lonely at times but in the end it a rewarding experience. You are reaching and touching people that you never even know about and that is something to be proud of.


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