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Michelle Chandler


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with an accomplished songwriter and compelling performer.


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Michelle Chandler shares an openness and honesty in her life, wisdom, and a refreshing point of view on everything musical. The content of her music stretches over the deepest of emotions to the most captivating sounds imaginable. She has a down to earth personality, and lives a creative life that is visible in everything she does; knowing what she wants in her music, Michelle works tirelessly with a freedom of expression that is rare to find.  She has been honing her craft as a musician for many years developing a well-earned reputation for writing authentically.

Influenced by songwriters like Van Morrison, Janis Ian, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, Michelle began playing professionally at fifteen in small cafés and restaurants and attended many of the folk and music festivals around Australia and was very quickly recognised as a talented artist.

But what is Michelle’s creative process, what inspires her the most and what is her dream venue?


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What is your creative process/how do you write your material?

I keep a number of notebooks around the place to write ideas or lines down although I often use my phone to record an idea these days. Listening to what’s going on around me and observing people generally gives me plenty of material for songs.

My creative process has changed with time. Initially it was all about being inspired that drove me to write songs but now it’s about song crafting. I still need to feel connected to the idea but I use many writing tools to craft my songs to make them the best that they can be, particularly exploring the right point of view for a song as well as rhyme schemes and melody for example.


What inspires you the most?

Possibly the human condition is most inspiring for me. The huge range of emotions people experience offers so much to write about. Everyone’s interpretation is slightly different which is why point of view has become so important to me as well as maintaining the integrity of the subject matter.


What makes you stand out musically?

It can be very subjective. I would like to think I stand out musically because I write authentic and credible songs with thoughtful melodies about subject matter that people can easily relate to.


What’s the last album or song that changed you?

Recording my last album ‘Unravelling’ was life changing for me. The experience was profound in that I had so much creative control and worked extremely hard on each song, deconstructing and re-working each line and melodic change. Producer, Brian Baker and I set a very high standard for each song and if it didn’t live up to that, it didn’t make the album.


What’s the coolest gig you’ve ever played?

I’ve had some very cool gigs and they’re not always in the largest venues. Playing the support at an intimate gig and hanging out for hours with one of my singer/songwriter idols Janis Ian, was very cool.  Playing The Bluebird Café in Nashville is definitely one of the coolest particularly as it’s so hard to get a gig there following the popularity of the hit show ‘Nashville’.


What’s your dream venue?

I can’t narrow it down to just one venue. I haven’t played everywhere yet to know though I’d love to get an opportunity to play places like Paradiso in Amsterdam or Le Grand Rex in Paris and Columbia Hallein in Berlin. I also really love smaller venues like Cafe Oto and St Pancras Old Church in and around London and iconic venues such as The Troubadour in Los Angeles, The Continental in Texas and of course I would love to return to The Bluebird Café in Nashville.


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