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Nathan Brumley


A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with a unique creative.


On Nathan’s Facebook profile you will find:

Most people travel to the valleys of heartache or endure the eye of life’s tempest before they can emerge with songs that grip the human experience; but Nathan Brumley went hiking. Following high school, he spent his formative years as a contractor building recreational trails to high mountain lakes and fishing parks in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Idaho.

Shorlty after finishing his last season of trailbuilding, he won Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest in 2000 which subsequently led to his move from Boise, ID to the music mecca of the south Nashville, TN. He’s previously had 2 publishing deals with Embassy Music and Brandon Hills Publishing and has completed his 5th full length album. He is currently the second place winner in the USA Songwriting Competition and was voted best 14 acts of the Southeast by Discmakers 2007. His music is clearly remindful of piano banging crooners like David Gray, Ben Folds Five, and Gavin Degraw.

But how did Nathan adapt to the industry, what has been his biggest surprise along the way and what advice would he give his past self?


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Can you describe your music in three words?

Uniquely, piano, driven- I do a lot of collaboration work in the EDM field but my own personal style emanates around the piano.


How have you adapted musically?

I have had to learn to do a lot of styles in order to make a (sort of halfway) living at music. With doing film and TV work all genres apply and I’ve had to learn EDM to open up opportunities in that field.


Is there any other aspect of the industry you’d like to dabble in?

I would love to dabble in country and get more established as a writer in that field since I live in Nashville, TN USA.


What has surprised you the most about the music industry?

How hard it is to make a living as a stay home musician.  


What is one thing you’d like to change about the music industry?

How much artists get paid on streams and plays on sites like YouTube and Soundcloud. I do music because I love it but now that I have kids and a nagging wife the bills are now a priority!


If you could go back to before you started out and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

Don't count on the 5-year plan for success- count on the 20 year plan!! It’s about the marathon not the sprint so I would tell myself to gear up for a lot of waiting for anything to happen.


Listen to Nathan’s EDM projects


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