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A Tribe of Noise Spotlight Interview with a poetic duo.


On Mullerette’s website you will find:

Based in Berkeley, California, Mullerette crafts soulful, atmospheric grooves that fearlessly follow the interplay of a Wurlitzer 200’s vintage keyboard and a haunting female vocal. The band’s velvety sonic texture – with hints of folk, jazz and pop – stems from a long-standing collaboration between award-winning singer-songwriter Lupe Muller and keyboardist/producer Joey Muller. 

At once laid back and passionate, the band’s nocturnal, smoky-bar melodies draw influence from Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star, Zero 7 and Portishead. Mullerette’s mature lyrics give shape to poems, reflections and anthemic solos that paint honest pictures of adult yearning, love affairs, parenting and the duality of inhabiting the daily and the extraordinary.

But what is Mullerette’s creative process, what inspires them the most and what is their dream venue?


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What is your creative process/how do you write your material?

Lupe: I am a bit of stereotypical in that writing usually starts with some sort of discomfort or emotion that I am trying to let out. Typically, I don’t write much when I am happy:) 

As for the process, it usually starts on the guitar or the piano. I write a verse or a chorus and play with it for a while. As the song develops, the theme is somehow revealed, and I dig more into the lyrics.

Once I have a pretty solid structure, we usually then work together on changes or arrangements. Joey usually provides fresh ears and countermelodies. 


What inspires you the most?

Feelings and emotions are probably the primary driver. Songwriting is very cathartic for most people, I think.


What makes you stand out musically?

Our sound and style are pretty unique. We come from different backgrounds and countries- we also came to play music through very different paths which makes the combination a little eclectic.


What’s the last album or song that changed you?

I love Billie Eilish's Ocean Eyes for its simple, raw, bedroom-style production. At any given time, you can only count 3 or 4 things happening in the track, and it just works.


What’s the coolest gig you’ve ever played?

For me one of the coolest gigs we had was playing at the Apple Store in Union Square. There was a lot going on between people shopping and the space completely open to this very lively San Francisco Square- felt a little unreal to have our picture blown in the back of the store in the mega size screen!


What did Tribe of Noise contribute to your life as a musician?

By simply having our songs heard across Europe, we already are thinking of how to write and produce songs more geared for this market. The thought of touring in Europe is now more feasible than ever! We also love the additional monthly income. ;)


What’s your dream venue?

Basement jazz club, small tables, candles. 


How would you pitch Tribe of Noise to fellow musicians?

Tribe of Noise is a virtually hands-free agent working on your behalf to promote your songs -- and get you paid for it -- in new markets you might not otherwise reach. ToN also features some nice social networking tools so you'll be able to connect with other artists who dig your stuff. Overall, we have nothing but great things to say about ToN!


Watch some of Mullerette’s live performances


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