re:REC music contest


This contest is your chance to do what some of your icons (Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, etc.) have done: to fall in love with, reinvent and re-record amazing old songs (that now happen to be in Public Domain). Let’s re:Record!

Why participate?

  1. We will pick (8 to 10) winning songs, master them and make a beautiful vinyl record

  2. The winners will each receive 20 copies free of charge

  3. Suitable songs will be played on our in-store music channels throughout Europe

  4. We will have some nice Tribe of Noise goodies for the runners up

  5. And, of course, our full attention to help you gain exposure


Deadline, Jury and Guidelines

  1. Send in your re:Recording before January 31, 2019 (NEW DEADLINE)

  2. Our Music Supervision team will decide on the 10 winning songs

  3. We are here when you reach out with questions or suggestions

  4. Please read:

    1. Submissions should be comprised of music that you create yourself, material that's in the public domain, or other material that you have express permission to use. Keep in mind that most recordings and performances of the public domain songs are still within the scope of copyright

    2. Careful: If you are one of the winners of this contest we will ask you at a later stage to send in a WAV file. Make sure to not delete your project after you sent us your initial MP3 file.


Ready to upload?

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  • Step-by-step instructions can be found here



Based on a research project together with CopyClear we went through hundreds of amazing Public Domain songs. We hand-picked the following tracks + added some nice re-recorded versions by well-known musicians as a way to get that inspiration going!

This is your moment to create!

  1. Pick and choose one of the works below*

  2. Be creative. Use (parts of) the composition & lyrics, give it your sound, your personal touch

  3. Re-record your version

* If you want to re-record another public domain work, please contact us first.


“I Ain’t Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me)”

by Spencer Williams, Dave Peyton, Roger Graham

A catchy old song that has inspired various re-recordings. The one by David Lee Roth is probably the most famous one.

“Deck the Halls”

by Thomas Oliphant

A holiday song that has been around for hundreds of years. The melody is Welsh dating back to the sixteenth century and belongs to a winter carol “Nos Galan”. The song even inspired the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Beautiful Dreamer”

by Stephen Collins Foster

With its soft melody and lyrics this song can surely use an imaginative revamp. Right?

"A-Tisket A-Tasket"

unknown author

A popular nursery rhyme that has been reworked with a jazzy twist by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Nathalie Cole. The playful lyrics are very open to new versions.

"Danny Boy"

by Old Irish Air, Fred E. Weatherly

An emblematic Irish folk song that can either be approached traditionally (check example) or by bringing some of your own soul into it like on the amazing Johnny Cash version.

"Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do" 

by Porter Grainger, Everett Robbins

This jazz classic first became known through the Bessie Smith version and later the Billie Holiday re-recording. What can you add to this lovely song?

"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"

by Harry Carroll, Joe McCarthy

An American classic revisited by many artists: some from a classical point of view like the audio example but also with some very original versions like the one by Alice Cooper.

"I Love A Piano"

by Irving Berlin

For all of you who DO love a piano, this song will surely inspire you to re-record a version of your own. Just listen to the 2 different examples for inspiration.


unknown author

This very known folk song (popular with children) can definitely be revisited and taken into various new directions. The swinging version by The Delta River Boys is a great example.

"Baby, Won't You Please Come Home"

by Clarence Williams, Charles Warfield

This jazz classic is best know for its Bessie Smith version and Ray Charles adaptation. We added the lovely Miles Davis instrumental cover as example of how songs with sung lyrics can also be re-recorded as instrumentals.

"El Choclo" 

by A. G. Villoldo

Last but not least an Argentinian tango classic to spice up our selection and add some extra flair to your creativity. Old and new versions as examples.