Do you love singing in the shower, at your local pub or while cooking? Are you rehearsing with the band in your best friend's garage every Sunday? Or do you prefer to stay out of the spotlight, spending your spare time in your home recording studio to producing quality chill-out tunes ideal for beach clubs and restaurants? 


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This is your chance! Your music in bars, restaurants and hotels throughout The Netherlands.



A few years ago Tribe of Noise and Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (the Royal Dutch Association for the Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Industry) launched their bespoke streaming music service for businesses: KHN Muziek.

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is the largest trade association in The Netherlands. With over 245 regional offices the association represents over 20,000 entrepreneurs in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry with a total number of 255,000 employees. 

With KHN Muziek's year-on-year growth; it's not hard to imagine how we can take this opportunity to extend our relationship and offer talented musicians a new platform for exposure and revenue.We are inviting musical talents to submit their music for inclusion.

Just imagine: your music playing in lunchrooms, bars, restaurants and hotels throughout The Netherlands! Cool, right?



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Why participate?

Tribe of Noise facilitates tens of thousands of emerging artists from all over the world. We understand perfectly well that a career in the music industry is not just based on raw talent. You need energy, persistance, a bit of luck and a stepping stone.

This is what we can offer you:

  1. If you decide to join and send in your own songs (please no cover songs) our music department will carefully listen to every single one of them. That's a promise.

  2. We are convinced your songs have quality and fit the specific feel of our KHN Muziek programs? Perfect, your music will be uploaded, scheduled and played on our professional music services.

  3. When your music is part of our KHN music programming you will receive a remuneration. Every month your share will be calculated and reported back to you via your Tribe of Noise dashboard tool.

  4. When we hear and see talent we are always ready to go the extra mile. We might offer you the chance to participate in our newsletters, share your profile or story via our social media channels or invite you to participate in other exploitation models we operate. Let this be the start of something beautiful.


It's your turn now!

And don't worry, it simply starts with sending us an email: 

  1. Send an email to our music department:

  2. In your email request us to send you more information about the procedure to participate

  3. You are welcome to already send us a link to some of your music

Hopefully Tribe of Noise and KHN can be the stepping stone for your music and your career!

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